It comprises the old and new quay. Connected to shore by a causeway 347 m long, the old quay is only suitable for small vessels; made of steel and reinforced concrete, length 100 m, 16 m width, depth alongside about 4 m.
Situated eastward and connected by a 286 m causeway (slightly at an angle), the new quay is 119 m long and 28 m wide, made of reinforced concrete exclusively for cruise ships up to LOA (240) 264 m, with two mooring points at 56 m and 105 m towards west on both sides of causeway, and one outlying dolphin 100 m eastward that allows, under certain circumstances to berth vessels up to 294 LOA. Depth alongside berth Nº 1 and Nº 2 (north and south) is 10 m to 17 m.