San Julián is a small town in the province of Santa Cruz of some 7000 inhabitants located in a mining area (Cerro Vanguardia).
There is also sheep breeding and a modest tourism activity based on the nearby animal reserves and also a small fishing industry; it is located on the Highway Nº 3 which links all the main patagonian towns. The closest commercial airport is in Río Gallegos, some 350 kilometers away.

Port activity:

For the last decade the port has been idle; however, ocean going refrigerated vessels enter to receive frozen squid or other, from vessels fishing in the area; transshipments are effected either alongside or at the outer and inner anchorages.

Description of berth:

A concrete jetty on pilings situated adjacent to Punta Caldera composed of a platform, 62 m long, 20 m wide, parallel to the shore with two outlying mooring dolphins at 60 m from each end, connected by metal gangways. The jetty lies about 100 m from the shore, connected by a causeway. The approach ashore is wide and paved and there is a port warehouse equipped with one forklift truck. During 2009, the electrical gear at the pier was renewed.


By northern channel on rising tide on bearings shown on chart.


Northern access channel, about 1,20 m (4 ft) at datum. Alongside berth about 6,20 m (20 ft) at datum. Restrictions: Pilots recommend maximum draft around 6,40 m (21 ft) depending on tidal conditions, with daylight only entering/sailing.

Port equipment:

Mobile cranes: 1×50 ton, forklifts: 1×3 ton, 1×2 ton.


With strong westerly wind anchorage SE of Cabo Curioso with about 8 shackles out is recommended. Pilots: No pilots stationed locally and must embark/disembark at outer roads of Santa Cruz or Puerto Deseado.

Slops / Sludge:

By truck.

Local communications:

San Julián Prefectura Naval Radio(Coastguard) call sign L4M. R/T on 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 Mhz. VHF on channel 12, 14 (continuous).

Medical aid:

Available at District Hospital and 2 private clinics.


Three small residential hotels/hostels.


Regular bus service via Highway Nº 3 north to Buenos Aires and south to RÍo Gallegos via intermediate cities. Flights once a week connecting to cities north and south but often irregular.


Seasonal winter. See ILLC.


Minor repairs only can be carried out.


Early advise must be given as there is a limited quantity of most commodities.