Characteristics: This terminal, named “Cargadero Cruz del Sur”, is operated by Petrolera LF Company. Situated on the south side of the bay is a tank storage terminal connected by a pipeline 4500 long to a pair of loading/discharging SPM (Single Point Mooring) buoy CALM type, situated at 53º 16´ 22´´ S 68º 12´ 55´´ W, for loading crude and/or discharging oil by-products at a rate of 1500 cbm/h. Depth 22 m, for ships up to 60.000 DWT. Yearly production is about 700.000 cbm of oil.
Loading Master also acts as Pilot and boards on arrival. There is a small wharf, 40 m length, built where the pipeline emerges on shore and is used by small craft attending operations at the buoys. Coastguard, Customs and Immigration authorities are based at Río Grande. The nearest city is Rio Grande about 140 km distance (paved 80 km and 60 gravel) to south, via highway Nº 3.