General description
Situated on the left bank of the Uruguay river, 5 kms North, upriver from the international bridge Gral San Martin – Fray Bentos/Puerto Unzué (Argentina), with airdraft limitation of 45 meters; reported clearance 40 m.
The pier is made of reinforced concrete 192 meters long and 65 meters wide, where Panama and post-panamax Vessel can operate. Two mooring dolphins are placed at each end of pier, which has fenders all along.
The port has a yard of 10.7 hectares for storing logs and chips.
Depth alongside is 9,14 m to datum. Vessel´s sailing draft is limited equal as Fray Bentos port, due to the Four passes on the river, south of Fray Bentos, which has mínimum dephts of about 5,80 m to datum. Safe draft for Navigation purposes is usually 6,40m.


It is compulsory, same as Fray Bentos.

Fresh water:

Available at berth.

Medical aid:

Available at Fray Bentos.


Only MGO/DO arriving by trucks from Paysandú or Montevideo.