The western quay is 394 m long and the southern quay 394 m, forming an obtuse angle. Warehouses 8 and 9 have been demolished as warehouses in Basin 1. Depths alongside about 10,00 m at datum On the southern quay there is a cold store #10/11, having 3 chambers of about 8640 cbm each, total 26.000 cbm, apt for fruit, fish, meat, etc. The quay apron is 10 meters wide. Depth alongside 10,00 m.
Messrs Montecon operates their 90.000 sqm container terminal at Basin 1 & Basin 2, where modern dockside cranes are to be found at the following berths:
Basin Nº 1, south side (Berths 3, 4, 5) 5 ); 2x 140 tons Liebherr cranes, radius 51m.
Basin Nº 1, Quay “B”, west side (open quay berth 6/7) 2x 104 tons Liebherr cranes, radius 49m, 2 cranes 2×36 tons,. On the pierhead 2×12,5 ton SWL cranes have been installed.
Basin Nº 2, south side (Berths 10/11) 1 crane of SWL 6 ton; various RTG and reach stackers.