April 19th – Upriver Draft

April 19th 2020

Upriver Draft

In view of the ongoing developing situation and different communications and instructions being issued by Sanitary Authorities of the Argentine Government we have chosen to send a consolidated daily report at the closing of working hours with an update of the day’s news.

-National Holidays: Next National Holiday is Friday May 01st, Labor Day.

-Covid-19 National Quarantine: The National Quarantine, with severe restrictions on people’s movements is to remain in force until April 26th at the earliest.


Trust that you are reading our DRAFT REPORT sent during the morning. The maximum sailing draft from San Lorenzo is 9.33 meters (30 feet 03 inches) and 9.35 meters (30 feet 04 inches) from Rosario.

The max allowed draft at the main upriver Parana Ports is expected:

in the range of 31’05” by end of April

in the range of 32’00” by beg of May.

in the range of 32’05” by mid of May.

-Brazil Upriver dams: Negotiations with Brazil continue regarding to the release of water from the catchments of the dams on the Iguazu and Parana Rivers. Even when this happens the downflow of water will take a further fifteen days to be felt, and will be for a limited period of time. The main problem is the drought in all the River Parana basin and we must wait until the rain starts falling again. The meteorological remains discouraging.

-Wheat trade: Certain wheat exporting countries have placed restrictions on the quantities allowed for export to protect local consumption. In Argentina this has not been implemented. Although protectionist policies are appealing in today’s circumstances it is trusted that given the tax revenue on agri exports from Argentina the Government will not consider a similar policy.

-Necochea: The port remains open since April 09th at 1615 hrs.

-Necochea and Bahia Blanca: The grain surveyors’ union are still keeping a “work to rule” and will only attend vessels in normal working hours. Monday to Friday 0700/1900 hrs. Saturday 0700/1300 hrs.

-India nationals: Indian nationals require a visa to enter Argentina in any circumstance other than seamen. Indian seamen as part of the vessel’s crew are allowed entry on a crew list provided they have a Seaman’s book. Indian nationals are not allowed to be listed as passengers. It sometimes happens that crew members´ wives accompany the vessel and are not considered crew as they do not have seamen’s books, Argentine Immigration impose heavy fines and have on occasion deported Indian Nationals in these cases. We ask Owners and managers to please pay very careful attention to this.

Will keep you posted.

Best regards,
Antares Servicios Maritimos S.A.

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