Northern Pampa Ports

The market environment in which container ports and shipping lines are operating is substantially changing.
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Port general description

In a 300 km stretch of the Paraná river, between the cities of Santa Fe and Ramallo, there are several ports and terminals which transfer cargoes from and to ocean going vessels. The area served by these ports is traversed by the Uruguay and Paraná rives and, thanks to the Paraná-Paraguay waterway it serves, not only the northern area of the Pampa region but also neighbouring countries Bolivia, Paraguay and Brazil. These ports serve mainly the Export of grains and minerals, as well as the domestic traffic of fuels and containers to and from the ports of Central Pampa and Montevideo, taking advantage of the diversification in the port offer during the nineties.
The region is integrated by the following provinces: La Rioja, San Juan, Mendoza, San Luis, central Cordoba, Entre Rios and southerns Santa Fe. To the west the region is bounded by Chile and by Uruguay to the east. The region has a population of over 8.000.000 (approx 18% of the country´s total population). There are six capital cities with populations ranging from 192.000 to 1.500.000, Rio Cuarto with 158.000 and Rosario with 1.250.000.

The region has an important cargo transport infrastructure which is constantly updated to satisfy increasing needs. A vast road network links the main consumer and production centers in the area served by the Santa Fe-Ramallo port front. Six privately run highways offer good Access from all cardinal points. To the east (Province of Entre Rios) the connection is through a tunnel under the Paraná river and the new Rosario/Victoria bridge. The port of Valparaido in Chile, practically at the same latitude as Rosario (lat 33ºS), can be reached via a 1300 km long highway joining both oceans. The railway networks fans out from Santa Fe and Rosario towards the north, west, and south, with significant connection possibilities. The Entre Rios railway network is not linked to the west network; it connects the ports of Diamante and Concepcion del Uruguay. The west network is linked with Chile through the province of Mendoza and the east network is linked with Uruguay through the preovince of Entre Rios. There are Four international airports (Rosario, Cordoba, Merlo and Mendoza), and 21 public airports with paved airstrips.