Punta del Este

Punta del Este is a seaside resort. Merchant vessels for discharging/loading are forbidden. Only sport yachts are allowed, maximum draft alongside: 4 m, maximum LOA at piers 30 m. Passenger cruise ships anchor at Maldonado Bay. Passengers land by shore tenders Ð once compulsory during the whole cruise ship stay at anchorage – plus as much of vessel´s tenders as desired. 2nd shore tender is compulsory, during the 2 first and 2 last hours of cruises/ships stay.

Distance from anchorage to pier:

Vessels up to 120 m LOA can anchor at Small Mouth -draft 10 m, distance 400 m from pier.

Vessels from 120 m loa must anchor at Big Mouth : 1600 m from pier, sheltered By Gorriti´s Island. Draft: 13 m.
“Monarca Buoy” marks entrance to Bay (big mouth).
Pilot is compulsory for entering/sailing and anchoring at Bay and is nominated from Montevideo.


Maldonado coastguard (PPM)
Custom house

Medical aid:

Attention and treatment at all levels can be obtained from Private/Public Hospitals.


available by barge at reasonable quantities.

Free pratique:

by any means via Montevideo Agents. Punta del Este roads is the best place in the River Plate for Hull inspection and underwater filming due to clear waters. At position 34º 58´ S / 54º 59´ W several trawlers change crew and take victuals in reasonable quantities, by barge, distance from pier 4500 m.