Port installations consist of a grain elevator of the early type and two obsolete general cargo wharfs. The elevator loading berth has a central platform of 20 m with 2 additional berthing dolphins, overall berthing front of 57 m with outlying mooring buoys, connected to the elevator by a viaduct fitted with 2 horizontal conveyor belt which can carry the grain to a loading tower which is fitted with 2 loading chutes. The chutes have a maximum clearance above the quay of 18m and can rotate horizontally through 180º on a radius of 20 m. Vessels are, of course, obliged to shift up and down the berth if loading involves end hatches. The elevator is owned by Cooperativa Agrícola de Ramallo, has a storage capacity of 18.000 ton and a load rate of about 500 TPH. One of the general cargo wharfs is very occasionally used for discharging bagged fertilizers. As from 2007 to date (July 2012), no ocean going vessels have operated.