A city of some 72.000 inhabitants in the north of the province of Santa Fe which hosts a medium-sized agricultural industry that processes the production of northern Santa Fe and western Santiago del Estero. Highways connect Reconquista north with Chaco and Formosa, south with the Pampa region and west with Santiago del Estero and Tucumán. There is still no road connection with the Mesopotamia across the Paraná River. The local airport runs local services with small aircraft.

The port of Reconquista, at San Jerónimo creek (Km 950 Paraná river), is 15 km distant from the city to which it is connected by road only. Cargoes handled are soybeans, cotton and sunflowerseed meals and oils.

Ports installations:

Consist of 5 jetties, 2 of 20 m and 3 of 5 m width, jutting out into the creek from a reinforced concrete quay of 650 m long, average depth in the stream and alongside being 4 – 4,60 m (13 – 15 ft). Two of these jetties are fitted with conveyor belts for barge loading, the belts being fed by trucks which are tipped up on two adjacent hydraulic ramps. Load rate for pelletized meals is about 200 TPH per belt, two barges being able to load simultaneously (empty barges are tied up on the opposite bank of the creek and ferried across 2 or 3 at a time). At a third jetty there are also 2 x 1500 ton oil storage tanks on the quay and loading of vegetable oil is either by pipeline from these tanks or directly from lorries. Loadrate for oil is about 150 TPH. After loading from quay, barges convoys (including tank barges) carry cargo to terminals at Timbúes/ San Martín/ San Lorenzo for loading onto ocean-going vessels.
Port installations also include 1 shed of 7500 cubic meters as well as some 9800 sqm open yard space.