The city of Río Grande has 64.000 inhabitants and it is located on the Río Grande river in the province of Tierra del Fuego, Antártida e Islas del Atlántico Sur. There is some industrial activity related with wool and the assembly of home appliances. It is connected with Ushuaia and the continental territory by highway Nº 3 and through Chilean territory using barges to ferry across the Magallanes Strait. The local airport handles domestic and international flights.

Port general description:

Presently no shipping operations are carried out at Río Grande. Since July 1999, budget problems stopped the ongoing construction of a new quay at Caleta La Mision, started in 1998 for a planned period of 28 months; the planned quay, located 12 km north of the city, will be as follows: length 160 m, width 20 m, with 2 outlying mooring dolphins. The quay will be joined to the shore by a 1620 meter long, 9 meters wide viaduct, will be protected by a breakwater and suitable for vessels of up to 40.000 ton deadweight, 10,70 m (35´1´´) draft.
During 2012 studies are being carried out and a decision is to be made on continuing or not with the project. The authorities who attend tankers loading at San Sebastián Bay and the Hidra field are stationed here. In case of emergency, Rio Grande is the nearest city to these two loading terminals.

Medical aid:

There is a regional hospital plus two private clinics and an ambulance service available to offer immediate or emergency attention, otherwise patients can be flown to Buenos Aires on daily flights. An ambulance plane belonging to the province is also available.

Business Hours:

Port Administration 0700/1300
Coastguard 24hs
Customs 0800/1400
Public offices 1300/1900
Shops 0900/1200,1500/2030, 0930/1300 sat
Banks 1000/1500

Local communcations:

Rio Grande Prefectura Naval Radio (coastguard)
L4F R/Ton 2,3,4,5,6,8 Mhz
VHF onch 9,12,14,16 (continuous)


From local airport 2 domestic airlines provide daily connections to Buenos Aires and intermédiate cities. Regular bus Service by highway Nº3 to Ushuaia.