This basin is formed by Piers 2 and 3 and was originally intended for ocean going vessels only. On the north side (Pier 3) at berths 12 and 13 the grain elevator (ex National Grain Board and leased in 1994 to Elevadores Mar del Plata for 30 years) is situated. Length quay 276 m. Depth alongside basin “C” varies from 6,70 m (West end) to 9,00 m (East end) datum. Grain storage capacity 25.000 ton, 2 loading conveyor belts, maximum loadrate 400 tons per hour per belt, total 800 tons per hour. Telescopic chutes 8. The elevator has a drawback due to the limited height of the chutes above the waterline. Airdraft 12,5 m at datum; maximum outreach of chutes 16 meters. During 2009, there where almost no grain exports. This berth is also in use by general cargo carriers, passenger cruisers and reefer vessels loading fish.
Berth 11 (west side): Open quay, length 134 m. Berth 10, on the south side of the basin, used or occupied by fishing vessels.
Berths 9 and 8: Container terminal at these berths, depth about 9,50 m. Two container yards with about 12.000 sqm total open space available. Berth 7 (Pierhead Nº 2): Length 178 m, depth about 9,50 m. Used by ocean going vessels, reefer and fishing vessels.