This area on the Paraná river is used as an authorised area for top off. The transference station barge “Alianza G2”, operated by Ultrapetrol Ltd. (Bahamas), is stationed at KM 459, for top-off operations of grain vessels completing after loading elsewhere. Standby pilots are obligatory at all times whilst vessels are anchored / operating in this area.

Floating Transference Station Barge Alianza G2 characteristics:

Transference station of grain products by two loaders placed on her starboard side, conveyor belts, and hoppers, L.O.A 178 m, beam 32 m, with three cranes/grabs; grabs capacity: two of 8 cbm and 1 of 4,5 cbm; average transference rate 380 TPH (both loaders) Total loading capacity: 35.000 ton.