April 3rd – Bahia Blanca UAN receiving facility

April 3rd 2023

 Bahia Blanca UAN receiving facility



National Holidays: Easter Thursday April 6th and Easter  Friday April 7th.


Grains and Markets:

Despite all the gloom (below), it is reported that the US purchased a cargo of 32,000 tons of soya bean oil. Dates unreported.

Bangladesh is reported in the market for a soya bean cargo (Supramax) on August dates.

Further activity from South Korea with confirmed maize purchases by Nofi, 184,000 tons and 66,000 tons by FLC, on July dates.

Vietnam is in the market for a Supramax of maize on August dates.

2023 International Sunflower Seed and Oil Conference:

The 2023 International Sunflower Seed and Oil Conference was held in Buenos Aires between March 29th and 31st. Members of the Solvent Extractors Association of India attended and explained that they will demand 1,000,000 tons of sunflower seed oil during 2023. Much of this may be supplied by Argentina, as well as their soya bean oil demand. They were struck by the restrictions placed upon farmers and exporters. One of the principal presentations, Ramiro Costa, of the Buenos Aires Grain Exchange showed how the over all grain production would be boosted if taxation and other barriers were lifted. Please see the graph below.




Argentina soya bean imports:

Soya import requirements for Argentina are still maintained at 10,000,000 tons. The origin of the imports is still driven by market conditions. Some say that 8,000,000 tons will come from Paraguay, by river barge. This is practically the total of the Paraguayan crop for 2022/2023. Other maintain that this will be only 5,000,000 tons and that the balance will be mainly purchased from Brazil. Brazilian imports will be mainly transported on ocean freight.

To add to the confusion the Government has leaked that they have a further “bonus” exchange rate to be launched soon. This will be similar to those 30 day schemes put in place during September and December 2022. Although the Government got what they wanted, USD cash, the interference in the market made a bad situation worse. The dramatic shortage of soya beans we are going through will just get worst. The soya beans sold under this “scheme” are exported as beans (unprocessed).

Bahia Blanca UAN receiving facility:

A UAN receiving facility is to be operational at Bahia Blanca as from May 2023. The terminal is located within the premises at TBB. The principal share holder at TBB is Bunge Argentina SA. The terminal consists of two tanks of 8,000 and 2,500 cubic meters capacity. UAN is imported to Argentina. Berth 9 will be used for these operations.



Bunker deliveries at Zona Comun:



As always, the STS operation is up to the discretion of the Master’s of the vessels involved.


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