August 02nd – Dredging on the River Parana

August 02nd 2022

Dredging on the River Parana

National Holidays: Monday, August 15th, San Martin Day

A conflict is ongoing in Necochea. Certain truck drivers “Federations” are blocking access to the port demanding improvements in the facilities offered by the port to trucks waiting to discharge or load. This is a very local conflict between the “federations” on one hand and the Local Government and Port Administration on the other. So far there have been no repercussions or spill over to the neighboring port of Bahia Blanca. In the meantime entry of cargo to the port is totally blocked since August 01st early morning. Port terminals are loading using their existing stocks.

River Parana Draft Forecast:
Basis INA Report of August 01st and Depth Report of August 02nd.

Grains and Markets:
Paraguay’s soya crusher’s association has announced they will close crushing plants as of mid-August because of the lack of beans. This is a consequence of the strong summer drought.
Indonesia is reported to be looking for one Supramax of soya meal October dates.

Dredging on the River Parana:
The Transport Ministry has granted an extension until end of 2023 to AGP to finalize the process to issue the tender to dredge and buoy the River Plate-Parana. In effect this means that:

  • AGP, a fully owned State Entity will continue administrating the River’s maintenance.
  • AGP will continue to collect the tolls.
  • All the work will continue in the hands of Jan de Nul as it has been since 1995. Jan de Nul works as the sub-contractor de AGP with their fully owned dredgers.
  • Improvements to the River canals and better sailing conditions are not to be expected soon, although regular maintenance is well maintained under the severe shortage of water we are going through at present.
  • Profertil:

    Despite the occasional cutback on gas supply due to the Southern Hemisphere winter demand Profertil in Bahia Blanca are needing at least one shipment per month of urea for cabotage. These are parcels of about 25 thousand tons loaded at Bahia Blanca for one/two/three ports Upriver. Profertil obtain the cabotage waiver from local authorities since there is only one Argentine flag bulk carrier which if already employed by them.

    Despite surging prices and lack of foreign exchange the fertilizer trade remains active at Upriver ports.

    Weather the rest of the week. Bunker deliveries at Zona Comun:

    Will keep you posted.
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    Antares Servicios Maritimos S.A.

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