August 07th – Dredging River Parana-River Plate

August 02nd 2022

Dredging on the River Parana

National Holidays: Monday, August 15th, San Martin Day

River Parana Draft Forecast:

Effective August 6th the current shallowest point determining Draft for San Lorenzo has been restored to 8.90m Depth (from last 8.20m at KM 449 Borghi Bella Vista BAR), improving Draft in 70cm for the area.

Grains and Markets:
India is expected to enter the market for wheat imports. The Government seeks to curb rising domestic prices.
Argentine maize harvest is practically concluded and the initial forecast is now confirmed for the 49 million tons total for 2022.
Sorghum is also pretty much concluded and that is also maintained at 3.5 million tons.
Colombia has purchased 55 thousand tons of soyameal for August-September dates.

Dredging River Parana-River Plate:
There have been changes in the President’s Cabinet and one of the “new” members is the former Chairman of the State Entity (ECOVINA) which was charged with drawing up the new tenders for dredging maintenance and buoying of the River Parana-River Plate (known previously as Hidrovia). This is a further indication that in the shorter term the plans for preparing a new and improved dredging of the Rivers between San Lorenzo and Recalada is NOT a priority. Nevertheless the AGP who manage and maintain the Rivers today will continue the work using Jan de Nul.

Dredging River Parana-River Plate – Magdalena Canal:
Political pressure is increasing from certain sectors of the Government to proceed with the Magdalena Canal project. The interpretation of the sectors is that navigation time will be saved, on certain traffic. Amongst the matters that still remain to be clarified is the advantages of reduced maintenance and the additional cost for establishing the pilotage services bases and transport from today’s bases at Montevideo.

Weather the rest of the week. Bunker deliveries at Zona Comun:

Some, not all, STS operations were delayed Sunday 7th, due to winds. Stronger wind is expected towards the end of the week.
Nevertheless all operations are up to the discretion of Masters of the vessels involved.

Will keep you posted.
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