July 21st – Argentine Offshore prospecting and production

July 21st 2022

Argentine Offshore prospecting and production

ANTARES: We attach to this News a flyer with the full detail of all our staff and offices for your ready reference.

Week end duty staff: (Friday, July 01st as from 1200 hours until Monday July 04th 2022, 0800 hrs)

– HQ Buenos Aires:

Gastón Cabrera +54 9 11 5578 4556

Horacio Vazquez +54 9 11 5578 4554

– Upriver:

Agustin More +54 9 11 6656 1677

Franco Ostojic +54 9 11 6656 1678

Walter Nestor Travaglini +54 9 11 3156 1680

National Holidays: Monday, August 15th, San Martin Day

River Parana Draft Forecast: Basis INA Report of July 18th and Depth Report of July 21st

River level is descending. Nevertheless at this moment a rebound is expected during September.

Grains and Markets:
Korea has purchased 60 thousand soya meal from ECSA basis arrival at disport mid-November.
Peru is going to purchase soya meal for October dates.
Argentina’s soy oil exports for first half 2022 were 2.21 million tons, down 34 per cent from same period 2021.

Dredging on the River Parana and River Plate:
The AGP which has taken over the “Management” of the Rivers have announced that the next dredging improvements on the former Hidrovia will consist of widening narrow passes to enable more agile navigation.
The detail of the places to be worked on is not yet formally announced. The biggest change is that this work will be carried out before the new tender for overall management is announced. There are rumors that an integral tender has been postponed for the time being.

Argentine Offshore prospecting and production:
Reliable sources now indicate that the first actual exploratory drilling at the offshore fields will take place during 2023.
Full scale drilling and production is now expected for the period 2028-2031 at 21 sites.
The yields are expected to be 80 thousand barrels per day basis a storage capacity of 1 million barrels.

Weather in to the week-end for bunker deliveries at Zona Comun:

Calm weather for the foreseeable future.

Will keep you posted.

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