June 21st – Bahia Blanca Trucker’s protest

June 21st 2022

Bahia Blanca Trucker’s protest

National Holidays: Saturday, July 09th – Independence Day

Bahia Blanca Trucker’s protest:
Independent truck owners in the Bahia Blanca area are not providing transport since midnight today June 21st. They are protesting the shortage of diesel fuel. These are independent owners, principally individual vehicle owners or owners of very small fleets. Deliveries of grains to the port are affected as well as fertilizer discharge. This action is open ended. Not all trucker “federations” are participating. Bahia Blanca is the only port affected, so far. Necochea and other ports are reported to be working normally. At this moment there are no picket lines.

River Parana Draft Forecast:

San Lorenzo’s shallowest point now located at Entre Paso Borghi/Bella Vista KM 447,1 depth of 9 M at Zero datum
Rosario’s shallowest point now located at Paraguayo KM 389,1 depth of 9,1M at Zero datum
San Nicolas’ shallowest point now located at Las Hermanas KM 317,0 depth of 9,8M at Zero datum

The surge has now worn off. Water levels will descend but the River is not expected to be to be as low as during 2021.

Grains and Markets:

Wheat sourced from Argentina and India is expected to cover the short fall caused by hostilities in the Black Sea. At this moment, the sowing in both areas is being delayed by very dry weather conditions. In Argentina 47 per cent of the forecast area has been sown and this continues a little behind schedule. Algeria is in the market for two wheat shipments one First Half August and one Second half August. Bangladesh is in the market to purchase 50 thousand of wheat. Loading dates during mid-August.


The saga of Vicentin continues. There are now strong disputes between some creditors and the judge that is administrating the “broke” company. The largest creditor, Grassi, a local grain broker has placed an injunction on the judge’s orders.

In the meantime, the crushing facility and the loading berth in San Lorenzo continue operating with a “through put/lease” agreement whereby oilseeds are provided and crushed on behalf of MolinosAgri and the ACA Coop. This provides work and activity for the industrial side of the business.

Biodiesel in Argentina:

Due to market distortions caused by Government regulations there is a shortage of diesel fuel over most of the country. This is compromising nearly all transport and logistical activities. Trying to resolve the situation the Government has now allowed an increase in the “cut” or proportion of biodiesel that is included with the fossil fuel. This may affect biodiesel supplies for export, but as soon as the supply returns to “normal” this ought to be redressed. There has been very strong pressure from the Oil Majors during the whole year to reduce the Biodiesel proportion.

Copper mining in the Andes:

Other than Agua Rica, which is a continuation of the Minera Alumbrera facilities in the Andes region there are a variety of projects underway to undertake copper mining in the North Central Andes region. One project now underway is known as Josemaria and is located south of Catamarca in the province of San Juan. The groundbreaking for construction of facilities is scheduled to commence during September and is expected to last for four years. Commencing 2026 the mine will start production. The principal managing share holder is the Canadian Lundin Mining. The resulting copper concentrate will be transported by rail to Rosario and loaded on vessels from there.

The port administration at Bahia Blanca has reduced the “entry” tariffs for vessels that stop at the Roads for lifting bunkers only.
This is an 18 per cent reduction, and it reflects as a reduction of about USD 3,500 on a Capesize, down from USD 26,000 to USD 22,500, and a reduction of USD 2,000 on a Panamax, down from USD 16,000 to USD 14,000.

Weather over the rest of this week. Bunker deliveries at Zona Comun:

Only very slight chances of weather affecting deliveries at Zona Comun during the coming days.

Bahia Blanca stevedores:
Stevedores are stopping work for one to two hours during each six-hour shift in protest claiming a Covid-19 bonus. This action is has now been ongoing.

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