November 6th – Grounded at Km 104 Martin Garcia Canal

November 6th 2023

Grounded at Km 104 Martin Garcia Canal


National Holidays: Monday, November 20th


Grains and Markets:

In its latest tender Egypt has purchased 27,500 tons of sunflower seed oil and 23,000 tons of soya bean oil. Origins not disclosed, so far.

South Korea (KFA) has bought 125,000 tons of maize, origin undisclosed. Dates January 2024.

Also, South Korea (NOFI) has bought 133,000 tons of maize with March arrival dates. Origin undisclosed.

Iran’s tender for 180,000 tons of maize was declared void.

Mv CYMONA PRIDE – Grounded at Km 104 Martin Garcia Canal:

The mv CYMONA PRIDE grounded at KM 104 of the Martin Garcia Canal on November 03rd at about 11:30 hours. She was loaded with a cargo of iron ore in bulk bound for Villa Constitución (Acindar) on a reported draft of 10.5 meters. At the moment this message is sent (Sunday late pm) she remains aground, and she is being assisted by three tugs to free from her grounding.



As always, the STS operation is up to the discretion of the Masters of the vessels involved.


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