October 30th – Fuel Energy situation in Argentina

Fuel – Energy situation in Argentina:
October 30th 2023

Fuel – Energy situation in Argentina


National Holidays: Monday, November 20th


Grains and Markets:

Venezuela is in the market for a Supramax of soya meal in December.

Colombia is reported to be looking for a full Supramax of maize in February.

Iran is till tendering for 180,000 tons of maize November-December.

Fuel – Energy situation in Argentina:

In Argentina we are now suffering fuel shortages. Gasoline and diesel (gas oil) are in short supply and there are long lines and limited supplies at the gas pumps.

As part of his election campaign the Minister of Economy (Sergio Massa) has placed a freeze on fuel prices (gasoline is now priced at USD 0.30 per liter) but it would appear that the supply chain does not agree, and deliveries are being restricted.

The run-off election between Massa and Milei is to be held on November 19th.

Mt PACIFIC BLUE, mt NCC NASMA and an unreported TBN are anchored off Recalada awaiting release of the USD cash payment from the Central Bank to lighter, enter and discharge.

Each of these vessels has about 35/40,000 tons of light product onboard.

The Government has made an announcement that a further 7 vessels full of light fuels are to be imported promptly.

Bunker suppliers do not foresee shortage for the time being. Deliveries at Zona Comun are very low. One reported that this market usually works a volume of 80,000 tons per month. Deliveries during October have so far totaled 21,000 tons.

This is due to the sharp fall in vessel calls because of the restricted grain exports caused of the drought.


Some home food deliveries have resorted to alternative motorbikes.

Some home food deliveries have resorted to alternative motorbikes.


Cargill Bahia Blanca, closedown for maintenance:

Cargill Bahia Blanca will be closing down for maintenance between November 18th and 27th.



As always, the STS operation is up to the discretion of the Masters of the vessels involved.


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