October 30th – Grains and Markets

October 30th 2022

Grains and Markets

National Holidays: Sunday, November 20th and Monday November 21st, Long Weekend

Grains and Markets:

Egypt has purchased 14,000 tons of soyaoil November-December dates.

Vietnam is looking for a Supramax of soyameal on December dates.

Maize from Argentina and Imports to European Union:

The maize sowing season has begun in Argentina in earnest. At last some rains have fallen which have improved the ground and the expectation is for an increase in the area to be sown. Until the last report every forecast had been for lower total area. The area to be sown in now 7,300,000 hectares. The area sown 2021/2022 was 7,700,000 hectares.

At the same time there have been forecasts for a diminished EU maize harvest. The latest production expectation for the whole European Union is placed at 54,900,000 tons. With this in view the imports of maize for the forthcoming year are 22,000,000 tons. This would be the largest amount imported in four years ago.

Gas pipeline from Vaca Muerta:

Work has begun on the construction of the pipeline from Vaca Muerta that will feed the national grid. The piping that is to be installed is being produced by SIAT Techint close to Buenos Aires. The steel plate that is rolled and used for production will originate partly from Brazil and will be shipped to Argentina.

European Union/Argentina Energy Supply Agreement:

Talks are underway between Argentina and the European Union to reach a quick agreement on the import of new energy, principally gas, from Argentina to the European Union. Argentina has huge proven gas reserves which require infrastructure investments to make them available for export. The hostilities in the Black Sea area have caused renewed interest to make these Argentine reserves accessible to the European Union. We have mentioned previously the projects that are being announced for terminals on the North Patagonian coast and Bahia Blanca. What is needed now is the development of the infrastructure both on-shore and at ports to make this readily available. Also improvements in the trade agreements and a reduction of the tariff and non-tariffs barriers so as to encourage the trade.

Weather in to the week-end for bunker deliveries at Zona Comun:

Brisk weather Friday night and early morning Monday.
As always, the STS operation is up to the discretion of the Master’s of the vessels involved.

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