December 23rd – Bahia Blanca Crude exports

December 16th 2022

Bahia Blanca, Rosales Port


ANTARES: We attach to this News a flyer with the full detail of all our staff and offices for your ready reference.


Weekend duty staff: (Friday December 23rd noon, until Monday December 26th 2022, 0800 hrs)

– HQ Buenos Aires:

Gastón Cabrera           +54 9 11 5578 4556

Horacio Vazquez          +54 9 11 5578 4554

– Upriver:

Agustín More               +54 9 11 6656 1677

Pablo Andres Faggiani      +54 9 11 3156 1681

Walter Nestor Travaglini   +54 9 11 3156 1680


National Holidays: Sunday, December 25th, Christmas Day and Sunday, January 01st, 2023


End of Year Holidays

During the end of year Holidays services will be limited as per detail

Bahia Blanca stevedores will not work December 24th from 1900hs until December 25th 1900hs

Bahia Blanca tugboats will not be available December 24th 1800hs until December 25th December 25th 1800hs

Pilot boats and service at Recalada will be suspended December 24th at 2200hs until December 25th 0200hs and again December 25th at 1000hs until 1400hs

Mooring gangs Upriver will cease work December 24th 1900hs until December 25th 0800hs


Grains and Markets:

Turkey still looking for 24,000 tons of sunflower oil on January or February dates.

China is moving demand from US to Brazil for maize. During the next 30 days they have nominated 17 Panamaxes.


Bahia Blanca (Puerto Rosales) Crude exports:


The new (parallel) oil pipeline being built from Vaca Muerta Shale Oil and Gas field to Puerto Rosales is designed and expected to carry 50,000 cubic meters of crude per day.

Additionally to this storage capacity is being increased by 50,000 cubic meters.

The forecast is that it should be operational towards the end of 2023 and begin feeding the new tank farm, and eventually the new pier with 2 berths at a later date.

At this moment the oil companies extracting crude from Vaca Muerta are tendering to be able to use the pipeline for their required volumes.

This investment is a consequence of the diversified sourcing brought on by the war in the Black Sea area.


Weather in to the week-end for bunker deliveries at Zona Comun:


As always, the STS operation is up to the discretion of the Master’s of the vessels involved.


Groundings on the River Parana 2022:



Will keep you posted.

Best regards,

Antares Servicios Maritimos S.A.

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