March 6th – Argentine soya bean imports from Brazil

March 6th 2023

Argentine soya bean imports from Brazil


National Holidays: Friday March 24th


Grains and Markets:

The Buenos Aires Grain Exchange is reported to make further cuts to it’s soya forecast for 2023 crop. The drought is hitting us badly.

China has purchased four Panamaxes of soya beans for March, April and May shipments.

Colombia and Guatemala are reported in the market for Handymaxes of soya meal on May dates.

Although there were rumors of a third soya “bonus” exchange rate season for farmers this has been now denied. (see below).

Argentine soya bean imports from Brazil:

The import of 1 to 2,000,000 tons of soyabeans from Brazil is now well underway.

Up to this time the beans have been imported from North Brazil ports and shipped in parcels of between 24,000 and 32,000 tons.

Argentina is importing beans because of:

  1. There is a historical over capacity for soyabean crushing at Upriver ports. This has always been the case. Even during seasons where the local harvest has been in the order of 50,000,000 tons beans have been brought down the river Parana from Paraguay, Brazil and Bolivia for crushing locally.
  2. The severe drought (3 years on now) is reducing production dramatically to the lowest level in 20 years.
  3. The “bonus” exchange seasons implemented by the Government to “harvest” foreign exchange (USD) have dried up local stocks. Those beans were exported raw (as beans) and have produced a shortage for local crushers.

Vessels are being discharge at Profertil fertilizer pier in San Lorenzo, then transferred by barges for LDC Timbues.

Also at Vicentin pier for Viterra, which has a cargo receiving facility.

Cargill is reported to have a vessel proceeding to San Lorenzo, but the arrangements are not yet known.

The discharge rate is similar to fertilizers and geared vessels must be used.


Grounding in the Buenos Aires Access Canal, March 04th:

In case you missed it.

Yesterday March 04th, the container carrier, mv EVER    LIVELY, suffered a blackout when entering Buenos Aires at 04:00 hours. Because of this she grounded at Kilometer 7.3 of the Buenos Aires Access canal, at the exact point where the canal divides in two for the southern and northern canals.

Admittedly Buenos Aires is not the Suez Canal, nor is this vessel the same size as the EVEN GIVEN, but it did cause a significant amount of nerves on the local scene.

She was rescued by four or five tugs and a dredger quite promptly and traffic was resumed in the area at 17:35 hours on the same day.

Quite a few passengers on cruise ships in the port of Buenos Aires were granted a bonus stay of about 12 hours to further enjoy the city’s delights.



Bunker deliveries at Zona Comun:




As always, the STS operation is up to the discretion of the Master’s of the vessels involved.


Groundings on the River Parana 2022:

 Vessel   Km From Until  Draft
BAHRI GRAIN 453,0 25/2/2022 23:16 26/2/2022 17:25 8,53
OCEAN THYME 315,0 21/4/2022 21:50 22/4/2022 02:49 7,77
ARKLOW SPRAY 324,8 5/5/2022 06:40 5/5/2022 08:55 9,65
ARKLOW SPRAY 324,0 5/5/2022 09:10 5/5/2022 23:59 9,65
STAR CARIOCA 256,0 8/5/2022 16:55 9/5/2022 10:27 10,20
FAIRCHEM KISO 447,3 5/9/2022 06:30 6/9/2022 09:45 9,50
SCARLET FALCON 288,4 14/12/2022 14:40 15/12/2022 05:40 9,90



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