November 16th – Grounded at Km 104 Martin Garcia Canal

Hero - 1611 Grounded at Km 104 Martin Garcia Canal

November 16th 2023

Grounded at Km 104 Martin Garcia Canal


National Holidays: Monday, November 20th


Grains and Markets:

Morocco is reported to be in the market for a Panamax full of soya bean meal in January.

Iran (SLAL) is tendering for 120,000 tons of soya meal November-December.

Colombian importers are still there for a Supramax of maize in February.

China has purchased a Panamax lift of Argentine sorghum for prompt dates.

Presidential Election November 19th:

On Sunday November 19th the final round of elections will be held.

The election is for President (four year period) to take office December 10th. Legislative candidates are already chosen and take office also December 10th.


-Sergio Massa (Peronista. Standing Minister of Economy, with 140 per cent annual inflation, and effectively President)

-Javier Milei (Liberal Libertarian, a “dark horse” who until the August primaries was viewed as a curiosity)

Opinion polls, for what they are worth, talk of a very even open ended election.

The coming Government, whoever is elected, will have a turbulent mandate with social unrest to be expected.

Mv CYMONA PRIDE – Grounded at Km 104 Martin Garcia Canal:

The mv CYMONA PRIDE, which had grounded at Km 104 of the Martin Garcia Canal on Friday November 03rd at about 11:30 hours has completed lighterage by the mv GEBE OLDENDORFF and freed from her grounding on Sunday November 12th pm hours.

The CYMNONA PRIDE was loaded with 41,000 tons of iron ore bound for Villa Constitución (Acindar) on a draft of 9.90 meters upon grounding.

Both vessels are now alongside at Nueva Palmira (Uruguay) with the GEBE OLDENDORFF returning the lightered cargo to the CYMONA PRIDE for onward navigation to Villa Constitución.


As always, the STS operation is up to the discretion of the Masters of the vessels involved.


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