November 23rd – Bunker deliveries

November 23rd 2022

Bunker deliveries

National Holidays: Thursday December 08th and Friday December 09th

Grains and Markets:

Tunisia has purchased 3 times 25,000 tons of barley to be shipped December through January dates. Origin undefined.

Kenya will be importing maize to stem the drought that has affected local production. The estimated amount to be imported is 200,000 tons and some of this will be genetically modified. Dates yet to be confirmed.

Egypt are reported in the market for 30,000 tons of soyaoil and 10,000 tons of sunoil, spot/December dates.

Soyabeans – Argentina:

The cash strapped Government is again giving serious consideration to another “special” conversion rate “holiday” for soya exports. The lack of US Dollars needed to pay interest on debt, imports and certain foreign expenditure make this a tempting solution for them to give a re-run of the September spree which allowed a healthy collection of foreign exchange. It was today announced that during this “holiday” in September China purchased 923,176 tons of soya from Argentina. Quite a few healthy Panamaxes full!

River Parana/River Plate Dredging:

The Government entity that has been tasked with preparing the tender for dredging the River Parana and River Plate (Recalada to Santa Fe) is apparently making moves again. A draft of the tender proposals may soon become public for questions and suggestions from interested parties. What is not yet clear is whether this will include improvements to the Canals and navigation. Neither is there any idea what period will be covered by the bidders. It is nevertheless encouraging that some sort of move is being made given that all that was heard this far was a thunderous silence.


Bunker deliveries at Zona Comun:


Quiet weather is expected until close to the weekend.

As always, the STS operation is up to the discretion of the Master’s of the vessels involved.


Groundings on the River Parana 2022:


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