October 18th – New record sailing from Nueva Palmira

October 18th 2023

New record sailing from Nueva Palmira


National Holidays: Monday, November 20th.


Grains and Markets:

The Indonesian Government Owned Agency (Bulog) will be importing additional 500,000 tons of maize before the end of 2023. Origin are mainly ECSA.

Egypt is in the market for a Panamax of soya beans in December and Malaysia is wanting a Supramax of soya meal, also December.

Meantime for maize: Thailand is reportedly wanting a Panamax in March, Saudi Arabia one in December and Chile a Supramax in January.

New record sailing from Nueva Palmira:

The mv ALEXANDRIA, an 82,852 tons DWT Kamsarmax, sailed in loaded condition from Nueva Palmira (Uruguay) October 04th after loading 50,360 tons of iron ore at the Navios Berth.

She departed on a draft of 10.58 meters which is a record for Nueva Palmira.

In order to perform safe navigation on this draft she proceeded along the River Parana Bravo (Instead of Martin Garcia) and proceed (under the guidance of two Argentine River Parana Pilots) to Zona Comun via the River Parana de las Palmas and the Emilio Mitre Canal. Her passage was “aided” by exceptional tides caused by SE winds and she only had to anchor waiting further high water during a short period prior arrival at Zona Comun. After Zona Comun she proceeded under the guidance of the usual Uruguayan pilots to Recalada.


New record sailing from Nueva Palmira



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