February 20th – Grounding on the River Parana

February 20th 2024

Grounding on the River Parana


Further to our message below.

This evening, at 22:07 hours, the mv CLARA INSIGNIA was freed from her grounding at Km 338 of the River Parana with the assistance of three tugs.

The vessel is now proceeding to San Nicolas South Roads (Upriver) where she will be inspected by CoastGuard.

Surveys of the area where the grounding has occurred will take place at daylight tomorrow February 20th.

Once they are completed, we shall report back with details of the restrictions that may be placed by the CoastGuard for navigation through the area.

The dredger AFONSO DE ALBUQUERQUE is standing by to perform clearance of the area in case this required.


The mv CLARA INSIGNIA remains grounded at Km 338 of the River Paraná (between San Nicolás and Ramallo) since February 17th and CoastGuard Traffic Control has interrupted navigation in the area.

The vessel had sailed from San Lorenzo (Quebracho) on February 17th 01:00 hours on a draft of 10.23 meters.

At this time there are two tugs (BENICIO S and ONA TRIUNFO) assisting to free the vessel from her grounding and a third is expected promptly.

Additionally a Dredger, the AFONSO DE ALBUQUERQUE, has been assigned to clear the area and is now underway with ETA today evening.

The task to liberate the vessel from her position is getting more difficult because the river water level continues dropping on average by 0.15 to 0.20 meters every day.


Once the vessel is afloat bathymetric measurements will be performed and most likely the draft will be further reduced from the depth (at zero datum) that was announced this morning.

The dredging and clearing of the area is expected to be quick and recover the depth from todays 8.10 meters to 8.80 meters (again at zero datum). It is not yet known if the work will continue to restore the 10.20 meters that were available during December 2023.

The draft forecast is now difficult to determine since the draft is also affected by the water level which can vary within a range of 1.50 meters.

Please see the graphs below and attached our medium term draft forecast.



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