May 10th – LNG Supply as bunker

May 8th 2023

LNG Supply as bunker


National Holidays: Thursday May 25th and Friday May 26th.


Grains and Markets:

India has purchased a shipment of soya bean oil on June dates from Upriver.

South Africa is purchasing a Supramax of soya meal on August dates.

Saudi Arabia reported to buy a Panamax of maize on August dates.


Vaca Muerta Gas pipeline first stage:

Tenaris has announced that they have concluded the supply of 573 km of pipes for the first stage of the pipeline from Vaca Muerta to San Jeronimo (slightly south of Rosario). The construction of the pipeline continues but shipments of pre-processed pipes from Brazil are now finishing. A second stage, of 470 km is yet to be tendered.


LNG Supply as bunker in River Plate area:

LNG is not yet available for bunker supply in the River Plate area (Zona Comun) yet.

Having said that there is already an LNG powered vessel operating as a ferry from Buenos Aires.

This is the high-speed vessel FRANCISCO (built in Australia, 2013). She has a gas fueled turbine and she runs principally between Buenos Aires and Montevideo.


The gas is supplied through a gas liquefaction plant in southern Buenos Aires and delivered onboard in the light blue units (see picture).

FRANCISCO is supplied when she is alongside at her berth in Buenos Aires (Darsena Norte).

This is a dedicated production plant and it is used exclusively by the vessel’s owner.

The plant was designed and is operated by Galileo (an Argentine energy company) which draws gas from the installed network.

Sale of LNG to other parties is not yet available because a dedicated supply vessel needs to be operated in the area.


Bunker deliveries at Zona Comun:


As always, the STS operation is up to the discretion of the Master’s of the vessels involved.


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