September 20th – Soya bean fourth “bonus” season

September 20th 2023

Soya bean fourth “bonus” season


National Holidays: Friday October 13th and Monday October 16th.


Grains and Markets:

Bangladesh remain in the market for a Supramax of soya beans during December. Morocco also still there for the Panamax of soya bean meal in December.

Egypt still looking for their Panamax of maize on January dates. Colombia are wanting a Supramax of maize during March 2024.


Soya bean fourth “bonus” season:

The new (fourth) “bonus” season for soya beans has boosted sales. During the first period, measured between September 01st-12th a total of 1,500,000 tons were sold. Compared to a similar period during August where 240,000 tons were sold. Most of the exports are bound to China, including three Panamaxes during the last few days, shipment dates unreported for the moment. Other reported destinations are India and The Netherlands.

These soya bean exports have impacted on crushers who are now reported to working at only 10 per cent capacity.

According to the Rosario Commercial Exchange there still remain 7,000,000 tons of soya beans of the 2022-2023 harvest unsold.

Barley, 2023-2024 crop:

Latest estimates for the upcoming (early December) barley harvest are optimistic. The total is estimated to be 4,4/4,6000,000 tons. This will bring production back to normal, or slightly increased volumes, after the drought that badly affected the 2022-2023 crop which amounted to hardly 3,500,000 tons.

Bunker deliveries at Zona Comun:


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